Exploring Portmeirion, Wales



Portmeirion was born from the vision of one man, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Although it looks a little like an old Italian village, it’s located in North Wales and was built between 1925 and 1976. Clough bought the site for £5,000 and made his vision a reality, creating a place that’s an explosion of colours and styles. Mediterranean houses with bright turquoise shutters are surrounded by pink hydrangeas and palm trees – you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve ended up in Portofino.



portmeirion-swimming-poolProbably one of the most scenic swimming pools I have ever seen!

portmeirion cafe


Portmeirion is a popular place for tourists, with 240,000 visitors every year, and for weddings. You certainly wouldn’t run out of pretty backgrounds for your wedding photos! You can stay at one of the many cottages, the hotel by the sea, or even the Victorian castle.


portmeirion swimming pool

fire engine door

From the ice cream cones to the fire engine door, every detail has been thought through and made more beautiful and colourful. I don’t even think my pictures do the place justice – you’ve got to visit the place to realise just how wonderful it is!

portmeirion hydrangeas


What I wore:

All Saints leather jacket (old), Sandro bag and jumper dress (both old collections), Carvela chelsea boots via Shoeaholics.



Dreamy pastel houses. Even better than anything you’ll see in Notting Hill!


Suddenly it feels like we’re in Greece!

8 portmeirion-forest


Clough’s motto was “Cherish the Past, Adorn the Present, and Construct for the Future” – I think he did pretty well with that, don’t you?

  • It’s fascinating to have a little Italian village in the heart if Snowdonia!I’ve not been to Portmeirion for years! Possibly it was year 2000 when I last went for a school fair. I really ought to visit again since I live locally.

  • Ahhh Portmeirion is so stunning. I want to go back one day x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

  • This place looks beautiful and I’d never even heard of it before! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, now I really want to visit there!

  • beautiful photos! what a colourful place

    • Thank you! It is such an amazing place! I enjoyed it so much. xx